The Future of the Indiana Authors Award

Posted on November 05, 2018

The Indiana Authors Award started as a vision of Gene and Marilyn Glick. Their vision was to inspire Hoosiers to read and write through the recognition and promotion of exceptional writers with Indiana connections. The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation, with financial support from the Glick Fund at CICF, brought Gene and Marilyn’s vision to life through the creation of the Indiana Authors Award program. The Library Foundation has successfully led all activities related to the Indiana Authors Award over the past decade. The Glick family is truly gratefully for the Library Foundation’s leadership and commitment to Gene and Marilyn’s vision.

As the Indiana Authors Award prepares for the next ten years, the directors of Glick Philanthropies hope the award can impact even more people throughout Indiana. In order to further expand the statewide reach of the Indiana Authors Award, Glick Philanthropies is evaluating statewide organizations to facilitate future programming.

What’s the timeline for changes?

An exact timeline has not been determined, but we expect the future Indiana Authors Award programming calendar to be announced in the fall of 2019.

Will there still be cash prizes for the authors?

Honoring authors is core to the vision and mission of the Indiana Authors Award. We expect cash prizes for authors to continue when Indiana Authors Award programming returns in 2020.

What will the Library’s involvement be in the future?

It is the hope that The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation and The Indianapolis Public Library continue to engage members of the Indianapolis community in Indiana Authors Award programming.

Who is being considered as the new partner?

Glick Philanthropies is looking for a nonprofit partner that has statewide reach and the Indiana Authors Award aligns closely with the organization’s mission. Glick Philanthropies hopes to make a determination of best fit in early 2019.

Why are you making this change?

The change from The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation to a statewide nonprofit organization leading Indiana Authors Award programming is being made so that more people across Indiana can be reached by the award.

How can I stay informed about the future of the Indiana Authors Award?

Look for information about the Indiana Authors Award to be presented in the fall of 2019 at