Roberta Knickerbocker Jaggers

Roberta Knickerbocker Jaggers


About Roberta

A graduate of the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Roberta holds a Master of Arts degree in Philanthropic Studies and a Master of Public Affairs degree with a concentration in nonprofit management. In her role as President, Roberta solicits and stewards gifts from a wide range of individual, foundation and corporate donors and works closely with the Foundation's Board of Directors. She has been with the Library Foundation in various capacities since 2002. She currently serves on the board of Impact 100.

Where did you receive your first Library card?

Stanford Free Library, Stanfordville, NY (The building was designed by Stanfordville resident and architect Alfred Butts, who invented Scrabble.)

What’s your favorite way to use the Library?

I love borrowing books for my daughter. We read every night and record each book in a journal. So far, she’s read more than 500 titles from the public library. The idea to do this came from one of our donors, who read more than 5,000 books during her lifetime.